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Rumors: Microsoft will buy another game publisher — the scale of the deal will be comparable to the purchase of Bethesda
29.01.2021 [13:27],
Nazar Steporuk

In November, Microsoft announced a deal to acquire ZeniMax Media, which includes Bethesda Softworks. The takeover procedure will be completed in 2021, and in parallel, rumors began to emerge on the Web that the corporation was preparing for new acquisitions. Judging by recent reports from several insiders, the upcoming purchase will surprise the gaming community again. According to them, another publisher will join Microsoft, and the scale of the deal will be comparable to the deal with ZeniMax Media.

The information first came from a Twitter user under the pseudonym Hunter4J. He posted a picture with messages from a certain Daniel K on the Xbox Era forum. They said that in the coming months Microsoft will announce new deals that will be of the same caliber as in the case of the acquisition of ZeniMax Media.

According to an Insider, Microsoft will be acquiring Studios on the same sort of caliber of Bethesda this year.
Sounds like a few people might be upset this year. / krYXRyXNi8

— LH (@ Hunter4J) January 27, 2021

Daniel K’s words could be safely ignored, because his identity is unknown to anyone. But after the posting of the screenshot from Hunter4J on Twitter, a trusted XboxRagnar insider made a statement. He wrote: “I don’t know who this guy [Daniel K] is, but I’ve been hearing the same thing for months. Microsoft wants to acquire another publisher. As I noted, negotiations with Bethesda have lasted for three years, so the announcement [of the new deal] will come in late 2021 or early 2022 «.

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