Adobe flash 10.1 download windows.


Adobe flash 10.1 download windows





Adobe flash 10.1 download windows.


Apple told how much less energy consumes Mac mini on the Apple M1 processor compared to its predecessors on Intel
29.01.2021 [21:34],
Maxim Shevchenko

The proprietary ARM processor Apple M1, which is equipped with new Apple computers, favorably stands out against the background of Intel processors with its low power consumption, thanks to which the autonomy of the new MacBooks has significantly increased. Apple has updated a support document that reveals the power consumption and heat dissipation of the new Mac mini so that it can be compared to previous members of the family.

Apple says the M1 consumes 6.8W in standby mode in the new Mac mini. Peak power consumption is 39W, and heat dissipation also ranges from 6.8W to 39W.

Thus, there is a huge gap between the current computer model and its predecessor. Of course, the Core i7-8700B in the 20221 Mac mini is a desktop-class processor, but the previous computers in the series, which are based on mobile processors, are significantly inferior to the new model in terms of energy efficiency.

It is worth noting that, despite much lower power consumption, the Apple M1 chipset significantly outperforms the Core i7-8700B used in Mac mini 20221 in performance, which is confirmed, for example, by Geekbench tests.

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