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BOE, a Chinese OLED screen maker, has fallen into the millstone of American justice
thirty.01.2021 [13:39],
Gennady Detinich

BOE, China’s largest OLED screen maker, was doing well. On New Years Eve, Apple allowed BOE OLED screens in future smartphones, and this is a whole sea of ​​orders. But almost immediately it turned out that this also became an occasion to touch the manufacturer for extra funds. And in less than a week, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) received a complaint from the Irish company Solas OLED on the BOE.

BOE Flexible OLED Screen

A little-known Irish company claims BOE infringed its patents and rights to OLED technology. Also hit by Samsung. BOE Technology Group, Beijing BOE Display Technology, BOE Technology America, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics America and Samsung Display are named respondents. Some of the accused companies are from China, and some from South Korea.

In its petition to the ITC, Solas OLED seeks to initiate a 337 unfair competition investigation, alleging that products exported to the United States, imported from the United States, and sold in the United States infringe its patent rights. The company is also asking ITC to issue a limited sales exclusion and product ban order.

Solas OLED application filed on December 28. The Commission has 45 days to initiate an investigation or reject a complaint. According to a representative of the BOE company, this complaint will not affect the activities of the manufacturer. BOE has over a decade of experience in OLED research and development, mastering the underlying technology in the field, and has independent intellectual property rights. Prior to the introduction of new technology, intellectual property rights checks are carried out to prevent the risk of infringement.

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