Adobe dreamweaver download for windows 10.


Adobe dreamweaver download for windows 10





Adobe dreamweaver download for windows 10.


ASUS integrates MemTest86 RAM testing software directly into Z590 UEFI motherboards
thirty.01.2021 [22:42],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

ASUS often offers extended software bundles with their motherboards. This time, the manufacturer has included two very useful utilities for the enthusiast in the ROG Z590 series motherboards. Many people know about MemTest86 — this is a popular software for diagnosing faulty memory modules. The program is also used to check RAM overclocking.


As Twitter user momomo_us pointed out, it looks like ASUS has made a deal with PassMark Software to integrate MemTest86 directly into the motherboard’s UEFI firmware — this will help users understand that RAM is actually performing at its best. Quite an interesting move, it must be admitted, although someone may criticize such an expansion of the capabilities of the base firmware: the more complex the software, the more potential errors, and I certainly would not want to have them in the BIOS.

ASUS is also offering a free 60-day FinalWire AIDA64 Extreme subscription to ROG Z590 and B560 motherboard buyers. AIDA64 is a useful program for monitoring vital system functions, checking performance and diagnosing potential problems. FinalWire offers a free 30-day grace period for AIDA64 Extreme, but with limited functionality. ASUS subscription unlocks the full version of the program for 60 days.

11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake-S processors have yet to hit the market, so better motherboards for this platform may come in the future. However, Z590-based variants such as ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero or ROG STrix Z590-E Gaming WiFi are already on sale.

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