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Adobe dreamweaver download for windows 10 free.


Photo of the day: the ridge of the Sun through the eyes of the orbital module of the ExoMars mission
thirty.01.2021 [16:50],
Sergey Karasev

The state corporation Roscosmos reports that the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), launched during the first stage of the ExoMars project, has transferred the 20,000th anniversary photo of the Red Planet to Earth.

ExoMars is the largest joint project of Roscosmos and the European Space Agency (ESA). As a reminder, the initiative is being implemented in two phases. During the first phase, carried out in 2021, the TGO orbital module and the Schiaparelli descent module, which crashed during landing, went to Mars.

Currently, TGO continues to collect data on the Red Planet from its orbit. This 20,000th photograph shows the so-called ridge of the Sun, a section of a relief system of small ridges on a huge volcanic plateau called Farsis (full resolution image can be downloaded from here).

«Exploring ridges, their distribution and direction can shed light on the details of the complex and dynamic geological history of Mars,» notes Roscosmos.

Meanwhile, the participants of the ExoMars project continue preparations for the second stage: it involves the delivery of the Kazachok landing platform to the planet with the Rosalind Franklin rover.

The launch of the device as part of the second phase of the ExoMars mission is scheduled for late September or early October 2022. The station will arrive at the Red Planet in June 2023.

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