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Intel to roll out 7nm products in Ireland
25.03.2021 [07:25],
Alexey Razin

Yesterday’s policy statements from the new Intel CEO mentioned the company’s plans to build new factories in Europe that will serve third-party customers. The vice president of the Irish division of the company explained that local enterprises will be able to produce 7nm products, and Intel’s European production capacity will be more than doubled.

Image source: Intel

Intel’s presence in Europe is not limited to Ireland, although it is in this country that the company has been developing production facilities since 1989, having invested at least $ 15 billion during this time. The pace of investment is accelerating, since in just a couple of recent years Intel has allocated $ 7 billion for the development of the Irish site. Expansion of local businesses began a couple of years ago, when Intel set itself the goal of defeating capacity shortages. Intel will be able to ship more than double the number of processors in Ireland with the completion of expansion and restructuring.

Eamonn Sinnott, vice president of Intel Ireland, explained that the company’s actions will contribute to the achievement of the goal set by the European authorities — by the end of the decade, at least 20% of all products using advanced lithographic technologies should be produced in Europe. Over time, the production of 7nm products will be established in Ireland. In total, Intel employs about 10 thousand Europeans, the company has representative offices in Germany, Poland, France and many other countries, but about half of the state is concentrated in Ireland. After the completion of the construction of new production buildings in this country, about 1,600 new jobs will be created.

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