Adobe cloud download windows 10.


Adobe cloud download windows 10





Adobe cloud download windows 10.


Microsoft accidentally revealed the launch timeline for Windows 10 21H1
31.01.2021 [14:42],
Vladimir Fetisov

It became known that Microsoft will begin to actively refine the next major update of its Windows 10 21H1 operating system in February this year, when testing of the corresponding preliminary assemblies will be launched as part of the Insider Program. The source also notes that the large-scale launch of Windows 10 21H1 will take place in June, and not in May, as previously expected.

Information about the timing of the launch of the update was found in the accompanying Microsoft documentation. In addition to launching the next major update in June, it says that along with it, a dangerous vulnerability in the Kernel Transaction Manager will be fixed.

“The Windows version, which will be released in June 2021, has a new API to help block the KTM exploit. Tested on internal OS build — KTM exploit no longer works, ”says Microsoft support document. It is noteworthy that some time after publication, the document was edited — information about the timing of the update was removed from it.

The source notes that the announcement of Windows 10 21H1 may still take place in May this year, but the wide distribution of the update will only be launched in June. As for the update itself, it does not seem to bring any new features. Instead, it will focus on fixing known bugs and improving the stability of the operating system. More significant will be the autumn update of Windows 10 21H2, along with which the software platform will receive an updated user interface.

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