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Adobe captivate free download windows 10.


She attacked the wrong ones: the office of the creators of GTA and RDR was robbed for $ 66 thousand, but the criminal was already caught
31.01.2021 [20:26],
Evgeny Mirkin

Oakville, a city in southern Ontario, Canada, has a story in the very spirit of the Grand Theft Auto series. On Christmas Eve, a woman committed theft of computer equipment and accessories in the amount of $ 66 thousand. at Rockstar Games Toronto.

Rockstar Games Toronto is primarily concerned with porting games developed by other divisions of Rockstar Games. However, the company helped develop The Warriors, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Max Payne 3, as well as created an in-game editor for the captured video in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.

The criminal pretty «walked» the whole month. In addition to stealing Rockstar Games equipment, the 30-year-old committed a number of unlawful acts between December 24 and January 23, including stealing a car, a pair of jackets and an iPhone, which was then used to make multiple purchases with Apple Pay.

In total, she was charged with 18 charges, including theft for more than $ 5 thousand., fraudulent use of a credit card and illegal traffic in criminal property.

Police found and arrested a woman on January 25. She is in custody awaiting bail hearing. But the end of the story in the style of Grand Theft Auto she can hardly count.

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