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RTX 30 Founders Edition disappeared in Europe by mistake — NVIDIA put cards back on sale
31.01.2021 [18:08],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Recently we reported that in Europe GeForce RTX 30xx Founders Edition video cards disappeared from NVIDIA branded stores. Some sources claimed that this was due to the company’s discontinuation of reference video cards. But such messages turned out to be false, as the cards appeared again on the NVIDIA website and the latter confirmed that their disappearance from the list was caused by a technical error in the website caching and was not intentional.

However, although NVIDIA has republished its Founders Edition accelerator models, it is still not possible to buy them, like any other RTX 30 series models from most retailers. Ampere graphics cards are still in extremely high demand from both gamers and crypto-miners. The situation is aggravated by the high activity of resellers.

One of the main advantages of NVIDIA RTX Founders Edition graphics cards is that they are one of the few models that actually sell for the company’s recommended prices, while partner accelerators are usually available at very high prices. NVIDIA cannot ignore its own set price level.

Latest NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards are expected to be difficult to acquire until summer 2021. By the way, in the face of shortage and high demand, in order to fight resellers, the American store Newegg even decided to sell scarce processors and video cards through the lottery.

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