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Musk promised in March to show a monkey with a chip embedded in the brain, which plays on a computer without hands
01.02.2021 [13:36],
Alexey Razin

Neuralink, founded by Elon Musk, is developing a device that can be implanted into the cranium that converts neural impulses into commands and signals that can be understood by computers and other parts of the nervous system of living beings. Pigs have already participated in the corresponding experiments, now it is the turn of the monkeys.

Image source: Bloomberg

As noted by Bloomberg, the founder of the company spoke about the existence of an experimental monkey with a prototype of the Neuralink device implanted in the head during his next virtual speech. In the Neuralink laboratory, as Elon Musk explained, there is already a monkey capable of controlling objects of a computer game using neural impulses. According to the head of the company, it is impossible to immediately determine the place of installation of the implant, and the monkey feels great. Once a primate has a companion with similar capabilities, they can play ping-pong on a computer without using limbs to control.

The thinnest electrodes are held from a device the size of a coin in the skull. Neuralink, as Elon Musk noted earlier, in the future wants to achieve the right to test implants on volunteers who have lost the ability to independently control the upper or lower limbs, or their full set. In the meantime, the company promises to show a video of monkeys that survived a similar operation by March.

Such devices will not only allow people with disabilities to regain lost mobility, but also, over time, they will learn to transfer memories from the brain to a computer or into a robotic body, as the creators of many science fiction films predicted. Anyway, Musk is counting on it.

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