Adobe audition software free download for windows 10.


Adobe audition software free download for windows 10





Adobe audition software free download for windows 10.


Serious vulnerability: Cyberpunk 2077 mods and save files can be used by hackers to hack players’ PCs
01.02.2021 [11:55],
Nazar Steporuk

CD Projekt RED has been regularly releasing patches for the game since the release of Cyberpunk 2077. The project recently got update 1.1 with many fixes for technical issues. However, CDPR did not fix one very important flaw — we are talking about a vulnerability with which hackers can gain access to other people’s PCs through mods and save files.

The problem was reported by a visitor to the Reddit forum under the pseudonym Romulus_Is_Here. His message reads: “Using the mod or save files [for Cyberpunk 2077], you can run malicious code, and then the attacker who wrote it will gain access to the user’s PC [who downloaded the mod or files]. CDPR learned about this security vulnerability a week ago. The studio has released a patch 1.11 but didn’t bother fixing the problem. You have to thank PixelRick (Red Tools Team) for this discovery, which caught the attention of the community. «.

In his post, Romulus_Is_Here included a link to the Major vulnerability fix fan patch from a user under the alias yamashi. She supposedly has to fix a vulnerability related to modifications and save files. You can download the fix using this link on the GitHub site, but it’s better to preview its source code first to make sure it’s safe.

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