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Adobe audition free download for windows 10 32 bit.


«We Were Not That Smart»: Mass Effect 3 Writer Rejects Popular Fan Theory About Game Ending
02.02.2021 [11:51],
Dmitry Rud

Mass Effect 3 writer Chris Hepler in an interview with The Gamer commented on one of the most popular fan theories about the ending of the game. Be careful: there are spoilers in the text.

It is about the idea of ​​stupefying Captain Shepard — the central figure of the trilogy — through the efforts of the Reaper race throughout all three games. According to fans, the events of the Mass Effect 3 finale did not unfold in reality, but in the head of the hero.

Over the years since the release of Mass Effect 3, fans of the franchise have found many arguments in favor of their theory in the games of the series, but it was not known until recently whether the hints left by the developers were conscious or not.

As Hepler admitted, there was actually no intoxication of Shepard. Moreover, BioWare did not even consider such a scenario, because they simply did not think of it.

“We weren’t that smart. Please do mods, write fanfiction, enjoy whatever you want because it’s a cool way to interpret the game. But it was not our intention [to be stupefied]. We didn’t prescribe it, ”Hepler said.

We will remind, the finale of Mass Effect 3 was heavily criticized by the community. The discontent was so widespread that BioWare even had to release the Extended Cut update, expanding the game’s ending.

Mass Effect 3 was released in March 2021 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. This spring, as part of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition collection, an updated version of the triquel will visit PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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