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Adobe acrobat xi download for windows 10


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Adobe acrobat xi download for windows 10.Adobe Reader XI Download | TechSpot

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Adobe Reader XI Free Download
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Microsoft labs cryogenic qubit controller that promises to revolutionize quantum computers
02.02.2021 [21:39],
Gennady Detinich

A cryogenic qubit controller called Gooseberry has been created by specialists from the Microsoft quantum laboratory. Perhaps behind this is the image of a gooseberry bush covered with hundreds of berries, because Gooseberry lays the foundation for what can revolutionize the scaling of quantum computing systems and this will «transform» the industry, as the authors of the study said.

The Gooseberry cryogenic controller is circled in red, the test qubit is in blue, and the resonator is in purple. Image source: Microsoft

In a Microsoft laboratory, with the participation of specialists from the University of Sydney, for the first time, a chip of 100 thousand. transistors on a mixed digital and analog base that can operate at temperatures near absolute zero. More precisely, the controller remains operational and controls the qubits at a temperature of 0.1 K (-273.05 ° C). The previous record was set by Intel with the 22nm Horse Ridge II controller, which remains operational when cooled down to 4K (-269.15 ° C).

It may appear that the difference is small, but for the stability of the state of cryogenic qubits and to maintain coherence, the Intel controller is still not cold enough to be in the same container with cryogenic qubits. In this regard, Microsoft development has much better prospects. It promises to significantly reduce the physical size and simplify the configuration of computers based on cryogenic qubits, because from the controller to the qubits there is no need to pull the conductors outside the container — everything will be inside.

Typical element of a quantum computer based on cryogenic qubits. Image source: 3DNews

“Modern [quantum] machines create a beautiful set of wires to control signals; they look like an inverted gilded bird’s nest or chandelier, explains quantum physicist David Reilly of the University of Sydney. — They are beautiful, but fundamentally impractical. This means we cannot scale machines to perform useful computations. There is a real I / O bottleneck. «.

Gooseberry controller promises to eliminate this bottleneck. According to the developers, with its help it will be possible to create a system that controls a thousand qubits, whereas today cryogenic systems with a maximum of 50 qubits have been created.

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