Adobe acrobat reader 10.0 free download for windows 10.


Adobe acrobat reader 10.0 free download for windows 10





Adobe acrobat reader 10.0 free download for windows 10.


Jeep plans to roll out charging stations on off-road tracks during the year
28.03.2021 [10:21],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Jeep Says It Will Install EV Charging Stations On Popular Off-Road Routes Across The U.S. As Part Of A Partnership With Electrify America. Such chargers, which will become part of the Jeep 4xe Charging Network, will either be connected to the mains or run on solar panels.

The first such station will appear this spring in Moab, Utah; on the Rubicon Trail in Pollock Pines (California); and in Big Bear (California). The stations will have a level 2 (240 volt) charge, which Jeep notes will fully charge the Wrangler 4xe’s small 17 kWh battery in about two hours and provide 34 km of pure electric travel. Chargers will be available free of charge to Jeep 4xe owners via the mobile app and will remain compatible with future electric cars.

Over the next year, additional chargers will be added on Jeep Badge of Honor off-road tracks across the US. Jeep recently unveiled its Wrangler all-electric SUV concept called Magneto. Its design is based on a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, but with an electric motor delivering 285 horsepower and an 800-volt platform.


Meanwhile, Amazon-backed Rivian said last week that it plans to install 10,000 high-speed EV chargers across the US and Canada by 2023.

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