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Adobe acrobat pro windows 10 free download





Adobe acrobat pro windows 10 free download.


Microsoft has re-released an update that will prepare computers for the transition to Windows 10 21H1
fourteen.02.2021 [12:41],
Vladimir Fetisov

Later this year, Microsoft will release the first functional update for the Windows 10 software platform, which will mainly consist of general fixes aimed at improving system stability. In anticipation of this, the developers have re-released KB4023057, a mandatory update that prepares the computer for installing Windows 10 21H1.

KB4023057 is reported to be an update for «Windows 10 Update Service Components». Its purpose is to troubleshoot Windows Update settings. The mentioned update is intended for computers running Windows 10 20H2, Windows 10 (2021) and earlier versions of the platform.

First of all, KB4023057 introduces some changes to the operation of Windows Update, and also cleans up disk space when there is not enough space to install a functional update. The patch will also try to fix corrupted system files and functions that could affect the process of installing updates in the future. Thus, the mentioned update is intended to ensure a smooth installation of future updates.

The KB4023057 description says that the update will be rolled out gradually and installed automatically on all compatible devices. Microsoft is not aware of any issues that may occur after installing this update. If necessary, you can remove it yourself. As for Windows 10 21H1, the new version of the OS will soon become available to participants in the Microsoft insider program, and its large-scale distribution should begin in May-June of this year.

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