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Ikumi Nakamura explains leaving Tango Gameworks and announces the establishment of her own studio
24.03.2021 [11:28],
Dmitry Rud

Former creative director of GhostWire: Tokyo Ikumi Nakamura explains her departure from Tango Gameworks and her plans in a YouTube documentary Cutscenes.

Recall that Nakamura gained widespread fame after unveiling GhostWire: Tokyo from the stage of E3 2021. Just months after the show, in September 2021, the game designer announced her decision to leave Tango Gameworks.

Nakamura’s departure was prompted by the negative health impact of working at Tango Gameworks: department heads under the tables, as was the case at Capcom, did not sleep, but the pressure of working life clearly affected.

Nakamura admits that the decision to leave Tango Gameworks and «her child» (GhostWire: Tokyo) was not easy for her, but the project «would have lost all meaning» if it had completely undermined her health.

Leaving Tango Gameworks gave Nakamura the opportunity to «travel and learn about the ingredients of a good work environment.». Based on this experience, the game designer decided to open a «small studio and create her own intellectual property.».

Nakamura admitted that she wants to make «full of dark jokes» not too serious game that «will give gamers something new.». To do this, the developer needs a team of people «interested in learning and understanding each other.».

During her work at Tango Gameworks — about nine years — Nakamura managed to work on The Evil Within, its sequel and the aforementioned GhostWire: Tokyo. The latter is planned for release on PC and PS5 before the end of this year.

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