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MediaTek becomes the largest smartphone processor supplier for the first time
29.03.2021 [10:03],
Sergey Karasev

MediaTek in 2021 for the first time broke into first place in the ranking of the largest suppliers of chipsets for smartphones. Such data, as reported by the resource DigiTimes, leads the analytical company Omdia.

MediaTek shipped 351.8 million processors for smart cellular devices globally last year, up from 238.0 million in 2021. Thus, deliveries increased by 113.8 million units, or 47.8%.

It is noted that at the end of 2021, MediaTek’s share in the global smartphone chip market reached 27.2% versus 17.2% a year earlier. Thus, in annual review, this company became the largest supplier of chipsets for smart cellular devices for the first time, overtaking Qualcomm.

It is also reported that the Chinese company Xiaomi became the largest customer of MediaTek chips last year. In particular, in 2021, 63.7 million Xiaomi smartphones were shipped on MediaTek platforms against 19.7 million a year earlier. Over the year, the supply of such devices jumped by 223.3%.

OPPO shipped 55.3 million smartphones with MediaTek processors in 2021 against 46.3 million a year earlier. South Korean giant Samsung increased shipments of such devices on an annualized basis by 254.5% — to 43.3 million units.

In other words, in 2021, MediaTek has made great strides in the smartphone processor market. This year the company intends to continue the active development of this business.

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