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Adobe acrobat download free for windows 10.


Uber adds the ability to choose a clean electric car for a trip in London
29.03.2021 [11:36],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Uber users in central London can request an all-electric car instead of a conventional ICE or hybrid car, according to the Financial Times. The new service, dubbed Uber Green, launches today in the UK capital — the company has set a goal to fully switch to electric cars in 2025 in London. Cars can only be called from zone 1, but end directions are not limited.

Hollie Adams | Getty Images

“We continue to partner with drivers to help them move to electric vehicles, and today we are excited to start offering users the option to choose an electric vehicle at no additional cost to this service. This way, everyone who uses Uber can contribute to the spread of clean urban transport, ”said Jamie Heywood, Uber CEO at the EU.

Stefan Wermuth | Reuters

To incentivize drivers, Uber is offering electric car owners a 15 percent discount on its regular services. Beginning in January 2021, the company introduced a fee of 15p ($ 0.2) per mile to help drivers switch to greener vehicles. So far, this «tax» has given the company $ 172 million, and Uber has increased the number of electric vehicles in its London fleet from 100 to 1600. However, this is a small percentage of the total 45,000 Uber fleet in this metropolis. As a result, passengers who book an electric car ride will likely have to wait longer than usual.

Mike Blake | Reuters

Uber still has a hard and long way to go to fully switch to electric cars in London in less than 4 years. The company also pledged to fully switch to electricity globally by 2040 and to achieve this goal in Europe and the United States by 2030. Uber faced serious legal difficulties in London: the company recently won a lawsuit to retain its license, and earlier this month was forced to start classifying its drivers as urban workers again.

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