Adobe acrobat 9 download for windows 10.


Adobe acrobat 9 download for windows 10





Adobe acrobat 9 download for windows 10.


Demand for gaming computers and monitors breaks records in 2021
29.03.2021 [15:36],
Sergey Karasev

International Data Corporation (IDC) reports record high sales of personal computers and gaming-grade monitors in 2021. The industry’s skyrocketing growth has been fueled by a pandemic that has forced users around the world to switch to home entertainment.

Cumulative sales of gaming PCs (desktops and laptops) and gaming monitors hit a record 55.0 million units last year. At the same time, a record growth was noted — by 26.8% compared to 2021.

In the total mass of deliveries, gaming-grade desktops accounted for 16.7 million pieces. Another 24.0 million units were gaming laptops, an increase of 26.9% in this category. And sales of gaming monitors soared by 77%, reaching 14.3 million units.

This year, analysts believe, the industry will continue to develop. The total sales of gaming-grade devices will reach 65.1 million units, of which 17.5 million will be on desktop PCs, 27.9 million — on laptops, 19.7 million — on monitors.

CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5.8% projected to 2025. As a result, by the middle of the decade the market volume will reach a total of 72.9 million units.

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