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Xiaomi smartphones may rise in price due to the lack of components
26.03.2021 [08:49],
Sergey Karasev

Xiaomi President Wang Xiang did not rule out the likelihood that in the foreseeable future the cost of certain models of the company’s smartphones will rise for end consumers.

The reason is the observed deficit of microchips. A few weeks ago, Xiaomi complained about a shortage of application processors and other components for cellular devices, including radio frequency modules and power circuit chips.

In particular, it talks about the shortage of Qualcomm chips, which are used in many Xiaomi smartphones. It is unlikely that the situation will significantly improve in the near future.

Xiang noted that Xiaomi continues to optimize the cost of the hardware of its mobile devices. At the same time, the head of the company said that in a certain situation, the increase in the cost of components may partially fall on the shoulders of consumers. In other words, Xiaomi does not exclude the possibility of increasing prices for smartphones in the current situation.

The shortage of chips for smartphones and other electronics is due to several reasons. This is a pandemic that has severely affected the production of components. In addition, the US sanctions against Chinese companies had a negative impact on the market.

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