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Xiaomi hinted at the imminent announcement of a new proprietary processor Surge for smartphones
26.03.2021 [10:49],
Vasily Shkodnik

Xiaomi is a company that is no stranger to making its own chips. In 20021, the Chinese tech giant introduced the budget smartphone Mi 5C, powered by the proprietary Surge S1 platform. It seems that another interesting novelty of this kind will be waiting for us at the next presentation on March 29.

New Generation Surge Teaser

Early this morning, Xiaomi in its official Weibo account published a teaser of a «DIY-designed chip that embodies all the dreams of Xiaomi engineers.». And at the end of this added the phrase «On March 29 my heart surged» (in Russian: March 29, my heart will beat faster). The key here, of course, is «surged», and this is an unambiguous allusion to the new chip of the Surged family.

Developing your own processor is expensive and resource-intensive. Even Huawei took years to create high quality chips. Perhaps the new Surged chip will not be a central processing unit, but a neural or signal chip. The same Google does the same — Pixel smartphones use both a Qualcomm chip and proprietary computing units Pixel Neural Core and Pixel Visual Core.

We will learn more about this very soon — on March 29, when the official presentation will take place. It also promises to present a new generation of smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix. According to rumors, he will receive a folding body and «liquid» camera optics.

There was also information that in addition to Surge, the company may also present full-fledged chips for electric vehicles and smartphones.

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