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Download ActivePresenter for PC. Free. In English. V () Security Status. ActivePresenter free download. Always available from the Softonic servers.8/10().  · Download Free ActivePresenter Download ( Última versión) Download Windows Free PC 10, 8, 7 for Windows PC ActivePresenter includes all the tools you need to record screens, interpret, edit video screencasts, and create interactive HTML5 e .  · Download the latest version of ActivePresenter for Windows. Take screenshots and screencasts in a simple way. ActivePresenter is a tool to take screenshots.


Activepresenter download windows 10 free.Download ActivePresenter for Windows free |

 · Moreover, ActivePresenter is free to download and install without any commitment at all. All we expect from you is to respect the license terms which you can read here. And, remember that we offer this free version for personal and none commercial purpose ировочное время чтения: 4 мин.  · Download. MB. free. ActivePresenter is a tool to take screenshots and record screencasts; you can use it to create videos of anything you do on your computer’s desktop, of the full screen, or of an area of the screen. Download ActivePresenter for PC. Free. In English. V () Security Status. ActivePresenter free download. Always available from the Softonic servers.8/10().
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10th Gen Intel Core processors unexpectedly drop in price worldwide
eleven.02.2021 [18:31],
Andrey Sozinov

Intel has begun to cut prices for its 10th Gen (Comet Lake-S) desktop processors, sharpening competition from AMD, which is now in short supply. What’s nice is that the ongoing price decline affects not only Western countries. In Russia, many Intel chips of the latest generation have also become cheaper.

Traditionally, Intel processors have cost more than AMD products with comparable specs, but this has changed with the Ryzen 5000 family. Moreover, due to the scarcity of Ryzen 5000, they are sold more expensive than the recommended prices, while Intel, on the contrary, aggressively reduces prices for its products. At least this is the situation in popular American retail stores.

For example, the popular eight-core Intel Core i7-10700F can now be bought in the American Amazon for only $ 229, while at the end of last month it cost $ 315. Also recently, a related chip with the ability to overclock the Core i7-10700KF has noticeably dropped the price — it fell from 359 to 329 dollars.

The more affordable Core i5-10400F has also dropped in price — in the same Amazon it can now be found for $ 151 (in December it cost $ 170), and in some other stores its price dropped for $ 142. But the price of the entry-level processor Core i3-10100 remains relatively stable, ranging from $ 100-120. The situation is roughly the same with the Core i3-10100F.

In Europe, the situation is developing in a similar way. The aforementioned Core i7-10700F has fallen in price by more than 20 euros since the end of January to 259 euros, according to The related Core i7-10700KF also fell in price over the same period — from 325 to 306 euros. The price of a cheaper Core i5-10400F in the European market has dropped from 140 to 129 euros recently, but the Core i3-10100, on the contrary, has slightly risen in price — from 107 to 114 euros.

Core i7-10700KF

Core i7-10700F

As for the situation in Russia, here we relied on data from Yandex.Market «. According to them, the average price of Core i7-10700F has decreased by more than 2 thousand., up to 26 460 rubles. A more advanced Core i7-10700KF in January cost an average of 33,580 rubles, and now — 30,700 rubles. More affordable Core i5-10400F according to Yandex.Market ”has fallen in price by almost 1000 rubles on average, to the level of 13 200 rubles.

Core i5-10400F

Finally, the Core i3-10100 now sells for an average of RUB 9,840, up from RUB 10,230 last month. That is, albeit not much, but the price has decreased even for the younger Core i3, unlike the rest of the world. By the way, the Core i3-10100F with an average price of around 7,000 rubles is now an even more profitable offer in Russia. At the same time, it can be rather difficult to find this model in Western stores.

Core i3-10100F

Intel appears to be setting the stage for the imminent debut of a new family of Rocket Lake-S chips with price cuts for Comet Lake-S processors. Nevertheless, before Intel usually did not reduce prices even when changing CPU generations, and now it is forced to take such steps by heightened competition.

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