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Fujitsu’s new LIFEBOOK business notebooks — everything you need to be productive
thirty.03.2021 [11:34],
Andrey Sozinov

Fujitsu has updated the LIFEBOOK family of notebooks with seven new models: E5411, E5511, U7311, U7411, U7511, U9311, U9311X. The manufacturer positions new items as work systems for performing a wide variety of tasks, both in the office or at home, and on the go. They differ from each other both externally and equipment, and, accordingly, capabilities. Below we will tell you more about each.


LIFEBOOK E5 Series Laptops Are Reliable Mid-End Work Systems. Suitable for those who need a powerful and well-equipped laptop for work, which also offers a durable case. Between themselves, the new models LIFEBOOK E5411 and E5511 differ primarily in the size of the display and, accordingly, in weight. The first is 14 «and weighs 1.79 kg and the second is 15.6» and 2.04 kg. Both can be used with IPS panels with HD (1366 × 768 pixels) and Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) resolutions. The latter with optional touch support.

We also note that E5 series laptops have an extended life cycle of 24 months, which means that the devices will be available for order within two years after release. This may be important for some organizations that need a homogeneous computer park.


In turn, LIFEBOOK U7 series laptops are made in magnesium alloy cases, due to which they are lighter. The LIFEBOOK U7311 has a 13.3 «display, the LIFEBOOK U7411 has a 14» panel, and the largest LIFEBOOK U7511 has a 15.6 «display. HD and Full HD options available. The latter can optionally support touch control. At the same time, in comparison with the models of the previous generation, new items have become lighter by 16-22% and more compact (up to 18%). For example, the length and width of the U7511 are more than 2 cm shorter than the previous U7510. This was achieved due to thinner bezels around the displays — the screen now occupies up to 86% of the panel, whereas before it occupied no more than 72.2%.

Fujitsu introduces premium LIFEBOOK U9311 and LIFEBOOK U9311X in flagship LIFEBOOK U9 series. The first is a traditional laptop, while the second is a convertible, the touch screen of which opens up to 360 °. Both new U9 series features 13.3 «Full HD displays and are extremely lightweight. The LIFEBOOK U9311 weighs just 885g making it one of the lightest notebooks on the market. And the hybrid LIFEBOOK U9311X weighs 1015 g. Both are housed in magnesium alloy housings.

In addition, Fujitsu introduced the STYLISTIC Q7311 tablet, which also has a 13.3 «Full HD IPS display and can be converted into a laptop using the plug-in keyboard. This device weighs only 800g and comes with a detachable keyboard 465g. The STYLISTIC Q7311 tablet and the LIFEBOOK U9311X laptop-transformer have an active stylus that is stored and charged directly in the case of each of the devices. And they also have 5MP rear cameras.

All computers described above are based on 11th Gen Intel Core processors (Tiger Lake-U). In most cases, these are quad-core, eight-thread models — up to the flagship Intel® Core ™ i7 vPro® processors. However, in the basic modifications of the LIFEBOOK E5x11 and U7x11 models, you can find a dual-core, four-thread Core i3-1115G4. Graphics processing is handled by built-in GPUs based on Intel 12th generation architecture — UHD or Iris Xe depending on the processor.


Laptops and tablets offer 4GB to 64GB of RAM depending on model and model. Either SO-DIMM DDR4 memory modules with a frequency of 3200 MHz are used, or LPDDR4 memory with a frequency of 4266 MHz is soldered directly on the motherboard. The latter is used only in older notebooks of the U9 series.

For data storage, only NVMe SSD of the M format are offered.2. More affordable configurations use slower drives, while advanced configurations use faster. The volume is from 256 GB to 1 TB. LIFEBOOK U9 models also offer 2TB SSD paired with 32GB Intel Optane module and 512GB SSD.

The set of wired interfaces for the updated LIFEBOOK laptops includes USB Type-A and Type-C ports (the latter with Thunderbolt 4 support), HDMI video outputs (LIFEBOOK E5411 and U7311 also have VGA, and E5511 has VGA and DisplayPort), Gigabit RJ- 45 and 3.5mm audio jack. Note that most companies are abandoning many ports on the edges of the laptop, leaving only universal USB, so Fujitsu is worth praising for such a variety.


For wireless connections, each new product has a Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 Optionally, laptops can be equipped with modules for connecting to LTE networks (Cat 7 or Cat 9), and older laptops LIFEBOOK U7411 and U7511 can even offer support for 5G networks. By the way, at one time Fujitsu was the first company on the market that began to provide notebooks with support for mobile Internet.

Since LIFEBOOK are computers for work and business, the security of user data is an extremely important component in them. All new items are equipped with fingerprint scanners or advanced biometric PalmSecure scanners, which identify the user by the pattern of veins in the palm. This provides the highest degree of protection against direct penetration, because the pattern of veins is unique for each person, and besides, the sensor detects the movement of blood, so it will not work to deceive him with an artificial hand.


Fujitsu computers also have an IR camera and a smart card reader for authentication. The webcam on laptops has a physical shutter. TPM 2 encryption module is available to protect against hacking.0. Finally, the manufacturer notes the presence of physical and electronic filters of the Privacy Filter screen (activated by pressing the corresponding key). They limit the viewing angle to 30 degrees, so that a person sitting to the side of the user will not be able to see what is displayed. This is especially useful when working in airports, cafes and other public places. Plus a physical Privacy Filter protects your screen from scratches.

The new Fujitsu LIFEBOOK works on the Windows 10 operating system. There are Home and Pro versions to choose from. Of course, the Pro version is recommended for working systems. We add that thanks to Intel vPro support, it will be easy for system administrators to update LIFEBOOK laptops. Including remotely, which is extremely important in today’s realities. Also, vPro support will help to quickly solve any PC problems that employees have, again without the need to personally interact with the computer.

Finally, when working on the road or on frequent trips, the high autonomy of LIFEBOOK laptops will be very useful. According to the manufacturer, it reaches 10-13.5 hours in mixed mode, which is enough for a full day. And the support for fast charging will be very useful, which replenishes the battery by 80% in 1 hour.

The cost of the updated business notebooks Fujitsu LIFEBOOK and STYLISTIC starts at around 70 thousand. rubles.

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