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After 13 years of development, the release version of Lambda Wars, a fan strategy game in the world of Half-Life 2, was released on Steam
22.02.2021 [12:04],
Dmitry Rud

The Vortal Storm modding team on the official website of the digital distribution service Steam announced the long-awaited release of Lambda Wars — a fan strategy game set in the Half-Life 2 universe.

Lambda Wars (formerly Half-Life 2: War) is an independent modification of the free cooperative action game Alien Swarm based on the Source engine. You can download RTS on Steam.

The game tells about the confrontation between the forces of the Resistance and the Alliance. Users can try themselves in the role of the commander of each side (and in the local «sandbox» — also ant lions).

Lambda Wars has been in development since 2021, and in December 2021, the beta version of the strategy was released on Steam. A lot of people managed to work on the game, but the lead programmer went with the project from start to finish.

Since its inception, Lambda Wars has transformed from a prototype into a «full-fledged asymmetric RTS with a single-player component, cooperative and multiplayer modes».

The Lambda Wars release patch includes four units, two buildings and an update to existing buildings in the game, as well as «a whole bunch of bug fixes and balance adjustments.».

As for the official expansion of the Haf-Life universe, in March 2021 Valve released Half-Life: Alyx, a full-fledged VR shooter that takes place between the first and second parts of the series.

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