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An asteroid the size of two football fields is approaching Earth today
22.02.2021 [10:31],
Sergey Karasev

Over the next hours, three asteroids will approach our planet at once, one of which has a very impressive size. Information about these objects was published on the website of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a research center of NASA.

The largest approaching object is codenamed 2021 XU6. It is reported to be approximately 213 meters across, which is the size of two football fields or an entire stadium. This body will approach the Earth at a distance of about 4.1 million kilometers.

Two more asteroids were designated 2021 BV9 and 2021 CC5: they are comparable in size to aircraft of different classes. So, the first of the objects has a diameter of about 23 meters, the second — 40 meters. They will fly past our planet at a distance of 5.6 and 6.9 million kilometers, respectively. Fortunately, none of the named asteroids pose a threat to Earth.

Jet Propulsion Laboratories also notes that just a few hours ago, asteroids 2021 DD1 with a size of 10 meters and 2021 DK1 with a diameter of about 60 meters flew past our planet. The distance to the Earth was 1.7 and 6.0 million kilometers, respectively.

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