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Valheim’s success was «unimaginable» for developers and surpassed the publisher’s «wildest expectations»22.02.2021 [12:50],
Dmitry Rud

Iron Gate Studio co-founder Henrik Tornqvist and Coffee Stain Publishing spokesman Sebastian Eriksson in a recent interview with PC Gamer commented on Valheim’s success.

Recall that the Scandinavian survival simulator got into early access on Steam only at the beginning of the month, and has already sold over 3 million copies and attracted more than 500 thousand. concurrent players.

According to Tornqvist, the team expected relatively good sales — enough to keep the studio afloat — but Valheim’s peaks were a surprise for Iron Gate.

“But to see [Valheim] first sold 1 million copies, and then 2 million (3 million by the time the interview was recorded, the game had not yet reached — approx.), was something unimaginable for us. This is incredible and very instructive, it should be noted, «- said Tornquist.

Ericsson added that Coffee Stain Publishing (publisher Valheim) was also «quite and even very optimistic», but the reality «exceeded our wildest expectations.».

Finally, Tornqvist confirmed plans to expand Iron Gate Studio: now the team has only five people, and such a number of employees to support such a large-scale project, as it turned out, is clearly not enough.

In the same interview, Tornqvist also talked about the sources of inspiration for Valheim and the planned updates. The latter, among other things, include a new location, a boss and an improvement in the building system.

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