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Gameplay trailer for Glitchpunk — an action movie in the spirit of GTA II in a cyberpunk environment
26.03.2021 [10:51],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

In January, Daedalic Entertainment and Dark Lord Studios introduced the top-down action thriller Glitchpunk in the spirit of Grand Theft Auto II. The launch of the project in early access on Steam is scheduled for the second quarter of the year, but for now, the developers have presented a trailer showing some of the project’s missions.

A short video shows one of the missions in the second episode of the game, where three factions are fighting for dominance: the tech-freaky fanatics; anarchist bikers called «Reapers»; and the working class rebel androids known as the «Plague».

Fights are demonstrated on the city streets. The police are trying to react to the ongoing disgrace — checkpoints and bounty hunters are about to appear. But the main character hides, completes the task and receives a well-deserved reward. The character modification system is also shown: the protagonist can be updated with various modules that improve characteristics, unlock new hacks and abilities. It is also shown how the player, instead of fighting a group of opponents alone, can initiate a skirmish between gangs and the police.

The developers noted that one of the key features of Glitchpunk is the hacking system and the branching plot: for example, after the mission shown in the video, the story can go one of two different paths, which is designed to make the replay more interesting.

Recall: Glitchpunk promised a wide variety of melee weapons and firearms and vehicles. Have to run away, hack, steal, steal, and also shoot and blow up a lot. In addition to fighting, Glitchpunk also promises a storyline that addresses issues of transhumanism, xenophobia, religion, self-discovery and betrayal.

The main character is a robot with a malfunction that allows you not to obey the pledged programs. Her goal is to crush the tyrants who rule the states of the post-apocalyptic world. The police are on the alert — the game has 10 wanted levels. Glitchpunk promises multiple endings, 12 gangs, 4 cities, a mix of 2D images and 3D backgrounds, and in-game radio with music, news channels and ridiculous ads.

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