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Motives of the main characters, playing for Julianne and the tone of what is happening: Arkane shared new details of Deathloop
26.03.2021 [10:55],
Dmitry Rud

Arkane Studios Lyon Narrative Designer Bennett Smith in an exclusive interview with Game Informer shared additional details on Deathloop’s story and storytelling.

Deathloop talks about the mercenary Colt stuck in a time loop on the island of Black Reef. To break the cycle, the hero needs to kill eight ideologists, one of which — the hunter Julianne — can be controlled by a second user.

According to Smith, Julianne will not play a full story campaign. Moreover, the right to take control of the heroine still has to be «earned» — apparently, it means advancement to a certain plot point.

Colt’s adventures and actions do not go unnoticed — Julianne comments on them every now and then. Her reaction can be provoked by the hero performing certain tasks, experienced failures (several deaths in a row) or gained knowledge.

Why Colt arrived at Black Reef, and Julianne is trying to protect the cycle, players will find out during the passage. At the same time, Smith mentioned that the huntress deliberately incites the hero and puts sticks in his wheels — it is so much more fun for her.

In the eight ideologues (they also know about the cycle, but think that it has just begun), the developers tried to display the «dark impulses of humanity», but Deathloop will not be too gloomy: Smith calls the tone of the game «carefree».

Deathloop goes on sale May 21 this year for PC (Steam, Bethesda Launcher) and PS5. Earlier, the developers promised that the game will be self-sufficient, and the plot will not end at the most interesting place.

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