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64 bit java download for windows 10





64 bit java download for windows 10.


A processor for smartphones has been developed in Russia, but it is impossible to produce it in Russia
04.03.2021 [10:31],
Sergey Karasev

Russian Research and Production Center «Electronic Computing and Information Systems» (SPC «ELVIS») has developed several new processors designed for devices of different classes. However, there will be difficulties with the organization of chip production on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The named enterprise was formed in 1990 on the basis of a structural subdivision of the research and production association «ELAS». SPC «ELVIS» develops microcircuits of the «system on a chip» type based on its own design platform «Multicore».

According to the newspaper «Vedomosti», «ELVIS» will soon announce three microprocessors. This is, in particular, a mobile chip for tablets and smartphones with a «trusted environment». Another product will focus on artificial intelligence systems. Finally, a third ultra-low power processor designed with the Internet of Things in mind.

The mobile solution will allow you to create devices on a domestic component base. Probably, such smartphones and tablets will be targeted primarily at government customers.

However, there is a difficulty: there are no suitable factories in Russia for the release of new products. «Despite the fact that the ELVIS processor will be considered a Russian development, it will still have to be produced at the factories of Taiwanese TSMC,» the publication says.

One way or another, by 2022 ELVIS expects to supply the market with several hundred thousand processors.

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