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3d wallpaper free download for windows 10.


Polestar to launch a zero-carbon car by 2030 — no emissions even from production
07.04.2021 [14:02],
Vladimir Mironenko

Polestar, Volvo’s electric vehicle subsidiary, in its first annual review and sustainability report announced plans to create the first truly climate-neutral vehicle by 2030 under the Polestar 0 project.

This project aims to reduce carbon emissions by changing the way cars are made, rather than using traditional processes or planting trees to offset CO2 emissions. Polestar said its new approach will cover the entire development process and value chain, from suppliers to retailers.

“We make electric vehicles, so we don’t have to worry about combustion engines that produce toxic emissions, but that doesn’t mean our job is done,” Polestar Chief Sustainability Officer Fredrika Klarén said in a press statement. «We will now work to eliminate all emissions associated with the production of our vehicles.». Claren noted that car manufacturers now have the opportunity to seize the moment, achieve more and dare to «make the dream of climate-neutral beautiful cars come true.».

Polestar Highlights Climate Change Measures Already Introduced In Its Business. As an example, the company cited the fact that «climate targets were implemented as a formal corporate metric of Polestar’s business performance.». Also, the description of future models of electric vehicles will now include an environmental product declaration, which is more common in the field of food production. Starting with Polestar 2, the company will disclose its carbon footprint and track materials supplied. Polestar Spaces’ website and showrooms will be labeled with a carbon footprint, setting «a unique transparency precedent for the industry.».

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