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3d viewer free download for windows 10.


Find My iOS and macOS app has learned to find lost third-party devices
08.04.2021 [18:15],
Maxim Shevchenko

Apple yesterday unveiled a major update to its Find My app. The main innovation is the ability to search for accessories produced by third parties. Find My Accessory Accessory Program enables third-party manufacturers to create products that are compatible with Apple’s search service.

Users will now be able to search for their lost devices such as wireless headphones and more, similar to how they search for Apple branded devices. Belkin, Chipolo and VanMoof Reported To Launch New Products Compatible With Apple’s Locator Next Week.

Find My app in its original form was introduced by Apple more than ten years ago. Since then, it has undergone a lot of changes, becoming a powerful tool for finding lost or stolen company devices. Adding compatibility with third-party devices will make the product even more useful and versatile.

It should be noted that strict requirements are imposed on accessories that will work with Locator. Find My Network Access Program is part of the Made for iPhone program. Approved accessories can be added to the «Things» tab, which appeared in the «Find My» app. In addition, the packaging of such products will be decorated with the Works with Apple Find My mark, so that buyers immediately understand that the device, in which case, can be found using built-in Apple technology.

It is reported that the first third-party devices that can be found using the Locator app will be VanMoof S3 and X3 e-bikes, Belkin SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless headphones and Chipolo ONE Spot key fobs. Among other things, Apple has promised this spring to provide third-party companies with the information they need to manufacture devices that can use U1 ultra-wideband chips in the latest iPhones. This will help you realize even more accurate positioning and finding things using the Locator app.

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